Not My Sister's Keeper – 23

We went to the lake where we rented a 3 bedroom cottage, with a small ‘pier’  going to a little boat.

Once we’d thought of inviting Miri and her husband to join us, but that was flushed down the toilet.   

One evening, sitting on the dock, my sons and I spoke about Lynn.

They recounted everything I had seen and felt, for they had seen and felt it, although they had been children.

They recalled how Miri used to focus on the dog, Cash, and repeated things they had said those years ago before Lynn was born.

They mentioned how Miri had smothered Lynn, then tossed her away when Peter was born.

Then they added; “As soon as Peter is old enough, he’ll leave.”

At the end of August, when we returned home, we didn’t call or visit Miri.  I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like it, nor did my family.

Although Alan wanted to see Peter to jump the hurdles to get to him might have repercussions, such as the time we took Lynn for a weekend and Miri never allowed us to be alone with her again.  However, we knew without needing to say it, that unless we gave Peter some version of family he would run away as had Lynn.


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