Not My Sister's Keeper -22

The following weekend we stopped by Miri’s House.  

Her husband, Harvey, was in his man cave, (as usual)  and she was focused on the new baby.   As usual Miri didn’t listen or really talk to us. We didn’t ask about Lynn.

I spoke with her son Peter, as did Tessa.    He seemed so happy to be noticed.  My husband went outside with him to avoid Miri.  

In fact, every time we had gone to Miri since Mark’s birth, Alan would go outside with Peter to play ball or whatever.

We didn’t spend much time, and as I was leaving Miri said something about if Lynn calls me…

“Why should she call me?   We don’t have any relationship.”

I said it in the same kind of sneer voice that Miri used although I did think that Lynn would get in touch with me, one day.

The time of year Lynn’s running away happened was auspicious because it was just before summer break, the time my family went away for two months.


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