Not My Sister's Keeper – 20

About thirty minutes later, I told my husband what Tessa said, and what I said.

Without pause, Alan replied;  

“I agree with you, Ruthie.  You don’t know anything, Tessa doesn’t.   If you call Miri and tell her, you know what will happen.   Miri will barge in here and upset the house and then leave us in chaos.”

That was probably true.

And he looked at me, and said;  ” We know nothing, we say nothing.”

We did know nothing.  

We didn’t know the boyfriend, we didn’t know where Lynn and her boyfriend were going, we didn’t know how they went.  

So say what?  And let Miri speak to my child as she spoke to Lynn?  


I nodded and Alan and we watched some television, then went to bed.


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Written by jaylar

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