Not My Sister's Keeper – 19

Okay, I’m the worst person in the world.  

My daughter has just told me that my niece, Lynn, had run away with her boyfriend.  Run away to get away from Miri, her mother, my sister.

Lynn had made Tessa promise not to tell me until Eight P.m.  Tuesday night.  Lynn had run away Friday afternoon. It was now 8:10 Tuesday.

I paused a moment, looking at my daughter, Tessa, who was crying.  I held Tessa and said, “We’ll keep it secret….”

“I love you Mommy!”  She called, embracing me, crying the more.  

I sat and held her, not surprised.  Images ran through my mind.  

When Lynn was a baby, Miri carried her everywhere.  She virtually never put her down.

Miri had focused on Lynn to the exclusion of all else.   Until Peter was born.  Then she tossed aside Lynn as if she didn’t exist and was all Peter all the time.

How did she think Lynn would feel?


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Written by jaylar

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