Not My Sister's Keeper – 18

It was Tuesday night that my daughter, Tessa, came to me.  She seemed nervous, worried, I was concerned.

Privately, in a whisper she told me that she had promised Lynn not to say anything to me until Tuesday night.

It was Tuesday night.

“Mommy,”  Tessa began, ” Lynn told me she and her boyfriend were running away on Friday and  I was to not tell anyone until past eight on Tuesday night.”

“Do you know where she went?”

“No, Mommy.   Lynn wouldn’t tell me.  She said if she did, I’d tell you, and then you’d tell her monster and that she’ll die before she goes back to live with the Zombie and the Monster.”

(I assume Lynn’s father was the Zombie, her mother, the Monster)

I can’t say I was shocked or surprised.

“Lynn said the only ‘family’  she ever had was when you took her for that weekend and  if you would have let her live with us she wouldn’t have run away.”

Tessa was crying and I can’t say I was dry eyed.


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Written by jaylar

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