Not My Sister's Keeper – 14

Miri never let Lynn sleep over again.  The way she spoke I knew she was dying for me to explain, but I didn’t.  In fact,  Alan  and I decided to go away to avoid seeing Miri and her children.

Miri’s daughter Lynn needed a family.   I wanted to take her, but there was no way, without Miri’s permission, I could do so without making it a legal issue.

We raced away to the lake, the kids very excited.  Although Tessa mentioned how she wanted Lynn with her, I didn’t respond.

I needed to keep my family separate from my sister’s.   Needed to cut time we visited, cut visits.   Needed to move Auntie Miri to a distant corner not centre stage.

Instead of popping by every Sunday we would have visits every other Sunday, always on our way somewhere, so that the visits would be short.

My kids disliked going to Auntie Miri and I knew it.  Tessa just wanted to be with Lynn.  

I didn’t put words to it.  My children’s lives were full and changing with many excitements and adventures and trips. Further, Alan’s family had normal people and we spent more time with them than we did with my sister.


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