Not My Sister's Keeper – 11

There was nothing to do.   Lynn wasn’t my daughter.   Unless I planned some kind of law suit which would capsize the entire family, all I could do was stay away from my sister Miri and her family.  So, I stayed away.  Alan and my kids felt as disgusted as I did.  

My eldest, Seth, was nine, the second, Ethan, was eight.  My third child,  Tessa was six, slightly older than Lynn.  

Tessa loved Lynn,  would say she was her ‘half sister’ and ‘best friend’.  When we visited, Tessa was virtually glued to Lynn.

Tessa wanted Lynn to live with us. I told her it wasn’t possible now.  

I would have taken Lynn the moment Peter was born.   

Having experienced how Miri has put the dog, Cash, first, then, forgot all about it when Lynn was born, I had no doubt that she would do the same to Lynn when Peter was born.   

I don’t know how or why Miri did it, but this ‘replacement’ behaviour seemed to be her new normal.  

Alan, a bit more ‘scientific’ ,  focusing on our children,  felt  space and  new friends had to be inserted between Tessa and Lynn.

“As traumatic as Lynn’s life, we can’t expose Tessa to more of it than we have…”

I agreed.


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