Not Meant to Be – 6

I needed to talk to someone, but the only person who’d been my chat bank was Cali.  I couldn’t never let her know how I felt.

Firstly, I was 24 and not really ready for marriage.  

Secondly, I was in the process of gaining more qualifications so as to go for a promotion, so my money was pinched.

Thirdly, if she broke off with Ken because of me I couldn’t take the pressure, the burden, the guilt.

All I could do was keep myself together as I was, and not be at the wedding.

I thought of running away but this was my ‘world’.  

Everyone knew me, I was safe on every corner.  If I walked into the supermarket without money, they’d trust me.  I often got freebies.

My family was here.   Everything that mattered to me was here.

All I had to do was keep it together.


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