Not Meant To Be – 5

Ken was part of the ‘crew’.   Think of a dozen people who work here, add a few of their friends,  and watch us going to some venue and having a happy raucous time.

People blending from one group to another, bringing people who you never saw before and will never see again, or bringing people who become part of the whole.

Ken was part of the crew, I never was close to him, I never knew Cali was closer to him than she was to Geof or Tony or any of us.

We weren’t the kissy touchy posse, where you’d see a couple rub a dubbing over there, or deep into it over here, when we were out we were having fun; all of us, talking and laughing and dancing, drinking or eating or enjoying whatever it was.

That she would marry Ken hit me like a truck; coming out of nowhere.


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Written by jaylar

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