Abusers will take advantage of anyone they can, from employees to students, from children to senior citizens.

Putting an Abuser in a Classroom should be illegal.  And would be, if the Board knew the psychological make up of this ‘highly qualified’ teacher.

Unless someone has been arrested, charged, convicted, the fact they are an Abuser will be unknown.   He will be allowed in a classroom to teach and complaints against him are often slapped away.

When there are many and there is no logical explanation the teacher may be discharged.  The surreal fact is that when an Abuser is fired for cause, he will Appeal the decision as if he has grounds.

He actually believes he has basis, and that his abuse is nothing unusual.

When the complaints stack up, and they are all the same, the Abuser becomes even more adamant in his innocence.

This is because an Abuser does not define nor recognise himself as an Abuser.

His nature is such as to believe he has particular rights, special knowledge and his decisions should be deferred to, not attacked.

This is because many, if not most Abusers are Narcissists, and have an inflated view of themselves, their skills, and their rights.


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