It needs to be emphasised; the Abusive Wife needs to segregate her victim Husband from everyone and fill his life with her people.

She needs him to have no one on ‘his’ side at the wedding. This is a flag she will wave behind his back.

She needs to fill his life with her people; people who will report on his every word, thought, move and if she decides to claim he abused her, they can give ‘evidence’.

Finding a man  with a warm family and lots of friends is disqualified, unless she can cut his ties. 

In some cases it isn’t that hard.

Moving to a new city and surrounding him with her  people, cutting off his contact with his, often works. Sometimes it is as easy as getting him to support a particular politician ‘everyone’ in his life despises.

By making his circles smaller and her’s larger, it is not strange to see the male victim surrounded by her people, thinking they are his friends and care about him.

This makes him an easy target.

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