Neurotics – 2

“Let us be honest…”  Pam continued, “and draw a line, a very thick line between a woman like Gloria, and one like Teresa.”

They all knew Gloria.

“Gloria made her choices.  She had been engaged, she broke it off.  She decided to not get married.  Gloria lived her life, and never regretted not having children.  If she had wanted children, she could adopt or foster.  Her life was all her choice.”

We knew these things.

“Teresa is one of those women who never made a choice.  She bumped around, this course at college, but never graduating, that man, another one,  that little job, on and on until she realises she’s forty, she has no one and she’ll never have kids.”

“So she made no choice…” Dee began, “not consciously.”

“Exactly!” exclaimed Pam. 


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