Name that thing quiz answers!

Two days ago I published this quiz.

The object of the game was to try to guess what the images were. (All images are originals taken by me)

Thank you all for you guesses and participation. For those who might of missed it, check out the quiz before looking at this post. 

Below, I have posted the cropped or edited version I used for the quiz, along with the originals. 

Enjoy, and have  a great day.

The first one was this. An ant drinking out of a flower.

Here is the original. Ants drinking nectar from a bird of paradise flower. 

The second one was this.

It was a bejeweled hubcap seen on this vehicle below.

The third one was this. 

It was a Monarch Butterfly.

Number 4 was this, a highly edited one…

The original is also edited. A photo of a Bird of Paradise Flower.

Number 5 was this…

It was cropped from the window reflection of Trixie, my cat. 

Number 6 was this one.

The center of this flower.

Number 7 was this.

Was a Stormy, my black cat that is no longer with us.

In the photo below, you were to guess what kind of bird it was. 

It wasn’t a chicken, but a Red Tailed Hawk/Raptor.

Number 9 was this one.

A cropped version of this…

And the final one was this, it is the original. 

The question was, “In the English language, what is this? The choices were, Ant, Bee, Squeegee, or Wasp. 

It is a wasp. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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