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My Stock of Shadows and Silhouettes 4; Duality ~ Just for Fun

Challenges always pull out spirit to respond, as well as some challenges in Virily and of course, include the challenge which has started by Kim Johnson.

I try to make some new picture while continuing to search stock photos in folders, I still find some images that I consider quite worthy to participate in this Kim’s Challenge this month in the theme of Shadows and Silhouettes.

Below are some of the things I have selected for this fourth part.


What do you think?

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  1. Another post Albert, that forces me to take stock, to pause for a moment. You’ve gone from Whimsical image (the silhouette of the dog) to deeply thoughtful medication. The images follow the same path. Now, I have to go ponder…

  2. Changes going on in the system Albert. I am not currently able to comment on any of your photos.
    I will just say this, Great photos and words. We all should look deep to find our dreams. I am getting closer.

    • Yes, Carol. I realized the change at the first time I’ll try to comment and to reply some post this evening. I think we can still give a reply in the box under the picture but several times failed.

      Yes, Carol, we must strive to arrive at our dreams, on our deepest desires. I am happy because you are getting closer to it.


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