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My Happ List- The Tree

You may be wondering why this would be on my happy list.  But, if you can’t see it there is a keychain one of the tree.  There is a basset hound on the keychain.  My beloved dog Fred is buried under that tree.  He is there reunited with his mom.  I love to see that tree it brings back wonderful memories of both dogs.  This tree is in the woods behind my in-laws home.  Many family pets are buried back there.  It makes me happy in a way that both dogs are buried together, mom and her pup reunited.  They were both shelter dogs, that found their way to me.  They were both greatly loved and are missed.  My husband wants to put a stone there.


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  1. Sorry for your loss. It’s good to know he is buried together with his mom, and you can always go near the tree where they are buried under it. We cremated our dog and still keep the ashes in our house now. I agree that pets are really like parts of our family.


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