My Ceiling Fan is Working Again?

Monday, 6.11.18

Last night, I felt like using the ceiling fan, and it worked. Last summer or so, I have been using it a lot, and it suddenly stopped working. It probably blew a fuse or something like that because my townhouse wiring is weak and low. Sometimes, stuff stop working, and if I ignore for a while, it will work later. So, for now, I have been using the ceiling fan again since it is working again.

But my French Style rotary phone stopped working since I got the free phone upgrade with Cox. I think this upgrade is mandatory or I might get disconnected eventually. But I like this phone. I hope I can still use it again somehow, maybe if I get certain features to work with the upgrade. My fax/copier stopped working, but I kept it upstairs for now because I am not sure if it will work again or if I can fix it…I am not sure what is going on, but I think there are too many weird changes going on.


What do you think?

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  1. i think because my townhouse has cheap wiring, which is weak, and i sometimes get fuses. or, i need to press the reset button at some outlets. but sometimes if i ignore something for a couple of months, it might start working again later. maybe it was overused or something.


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