Misconceptions- 10

Where America obviously invades a region,  Americans and their military being every where, controlling everything, as underfoot as cockroaches,  the Chinese do their ‘invasions’ differently.

Americans will make a big deal out of their entry into another country.  There will be  a pile of publicity, slogans, flag waving.    America will  sell   their   invasion  as some kind of liberation.

Whether  America is plunging into Syria or St. Lucia,   Libya or Liberia, it is always the same kind of performance.

China  has invaded almost every country in the world. But it  has done so silently.   When pushed it will babble about its ‘Belt & Road’ Initiative.

Basically,   what  this is;  is China pushing into a country to convince those in charge that they need a road,  a bridge,  something.   Something China will  build and give that country a very  long time to repay.

In reality, the work is usually done badly,   requiring   further incursions.   Chinese are imported to do most of the  work,  locals  given the worst portions.

The Chinese workers arrive in a nation  with  their families.  While the man works  on  a project,  the wife  opens a business  selling cheap Chinese goods. 

The invasion of  the  Chinese  into  a Third World nation  is  complete and silent.

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