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Misconception – 12

The idea that ‘democracy’ is the best form of governance is a misconception.  

Firstly, a true democracy means every one has to vote. And not just vote to elect someone to vote, but  participate in every aspect of Governance.

Electing someone to make decisions is not really democracy.   It is a a mix of benign dictator and serfdom.  “Representative” democracy gives one person power for the years of representation.  The views of the persons represented might not be canvassed.

The idea that such a system would work in places which have no history of public involvement in decision making is a way to get dictators and corrupt people into power.

Secondly, as Brexit has proven, what the citizens want and what those in power want is not the same.

Those in power didn’t want to leave the European Union so are making it almost impossible for the public’s decision to be implemented.

This kind of action is not rare, it is just not as visible as Brexit.

And then there is the reality that  the Elite will get their way.


What do you think?


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