Messing Up – Misinterpretation

Receiving an email from his ex wife, who had stated that she had a banger phone, as she made few calls, Norman wrote;

“If you have nothing then there is nothing for THEM to steal from you: unfortunately, the fact remains that you have nothing. I do not accept the philosophy of minimalism. I do not accept heidism either, but certainly being in an environment where one has to adjust downward is not really cutting it for me.”

” I do understand what you are saying, and I do acknowledge the practicality of it,but that is no where or way to live. Inertia is an incredible force to overcome.”

” Maybe you need to have a long hard look at where you are in life and make some decisions based in the reality that you are living in.”

His ex; Dee, replied:

“You misunderstood.   What I am saying is that I don’t live on my cell phone.  I make few calls.  I live life.  I talk to people I can have coffee with.  My conversations are face to face. “

” I know people in RL not like the current generation who are

addicted to their cell phones.”

“I am  one of those Be Here Now types where everything has become a social occasion. Every place I go, from gas station to supermarket to bank becomes a social event in which I really talk with people, not at them.”

“Only when I am physically at the computer am I checking email. Other than that, I am living my life in real time.”

How could he get it so wrong?


What do you think?


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