Messing Up – Always Otherwise

John was in love with  Gabby.   But Gabby was never there for him.   It was always some situation with her mother or her brother or whatever.  Everything he had to go through,  he had to do it alone.  

He realised, after six months that he would Always be second to her mother or her brother or whatever.

Only if his need did not conflict with her sense of ‘obligation’ or ‘plans’ could he rely on her.  And then, just for the length of time before her other ‘obligations’ or ‘plans’ interposed.

It was when his father died and he needed her.   He needed her, but Gabby had to go look about her brother.

As he cried alone, in the room where his father had died,  he realised what he didn’t want.  He didn’t want to be alone or postponed or second best.

If Gabby had loved him, even a little, she would have been there.  But she wasn’t.  She wasn’t there, she never had been there.

The next day he saw Gabby.   She tried to be consoling but all the love he might have had, dissipated.  He told her to leave him alone.  And he walked off.

Gabby stood, trying to explain, not realising  there had been a choice between him and her brother, and she had made it.


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Written by jaylar

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