Messing Up – 2


Beyond adultery, murder, crime, violence, the quickest way to end a relationship with anyone is to demand everything be done YOUR WAY.  

Whether cooking, or repairing,  driving or watching television.   Where one person sets the rules and the others have to follow, unless the others are chained to the wall, they’ll leave.

Kids will race away from strict parents, and do the opposite.  If the parents were religious and had all sorts of decrees and commandments, its pretty likely their escaping child is an atheist.

Clubs which have a lot of rules often wind up with no members.

And Bosses from Hell, who think they are some dictator and workers are slaves,  who are attacked for any deviation,  will soon be alone.

A relationship is where people give and take.    Where one person makes the decrees and refuses to cooperate or share, there is no relationship.

The person who feels overwhelmed, controlled, enslaved, walks away.  


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Written by jaylar

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