Melasti Beach ~ 365 Photos Challenge #52

I continued the challenge of this 365 Photos Challenge for the 52nd day. If you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day, here are the rules and guidelines.

As time is available and the schedule is much looser, there’s nothing wrong to go for a walk and enjoy nature, right? That’s what I’ve done. Go to Melasti Beach located south of Bali Island precisely in Ungasan Village, and adjacent to Bali Cliff Beach. The location can be reached from Jimbaran approximately 15 minutes, while from Denpasar to Jimbaran taken about 45 minutes.

As seen in the picture above, on this beach will also be made a platform that juts into the middle of the sea. It was made to facilitate local people to perform religious rituals for example when Melasti will make it easier to “nganyud” to the middle of the sea. Because previously had to use the boat to perform activities “nganyud” this. Ngayud is a ritual to wash away all the defilements that are still left in the spirit of the deceased with the symbolization of sweeping the ashes. This ceremony is usually performed in the sea or river.

Called Pantai Melasti because this beach is often used for Melasti ceremony by the surrounding residents on certain days eg before Nyepi day. Currently, access to this beach is well laid out. Soon, Melasti Beach location will be developed as a water sports center similar to the one in Tanjung Benoa such as jet ski activities, banana boat, etc. So later this could be an alternative place for lovers of Bali watersport.

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