Matching Pieces – 8

Andy tried with Karin.  Tried to conform, to please, to fit.   He cut and pasted his personality, trying to become what she desired.  

Then he quit.  

Andy retracted into himself.   He didn’t want to be the creature Karin demanded.   He only wanted to be himself.  To be liked for himself, not for a presentation.

It wasn’t easy for Andy.  He had no experience of this kind of dishonesty.  He had never been a phoney.  And now, he was turning into one.

He decided he  couldn’t stay here.  He couldn’t be in this office, seeing Karin every day.

It was time to pull himself together, time to return to be the quintessential Andy he had always been.

The post in a city far away popped up, he applied, was accepted, and took it.  

His folks were with him, feeling that it was time for him to ‘leave the nest’ to have ‘new challenges’ and he departed without rancour.


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Written by jaylar

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