Matching Pieces – 7

Andy had come from a large city, a busy company.   He had met a girl there he had liked.

He took her out a few times but she had hurdles and protocols and rules and strictures. It was uncomfortable, but he didn’t think it strange, because he thought ‘everyone’ had these kinds of obstacles in their emotional lives.

But it reached a stage in which he just couldn’t jump another hurdle, and decided to leave the job, leave the city, because the stress was hurting him.

Andy wasn’t accustomed to stress.  His life had been pleasant, he had always fit in, had always met people like him.

Karin had been beautiful and brilliant and had dazzled him.   He had asked her out and although she declined the first time, he learned she was interested in a specific field so got tickets to the opening of an exhibit at the museum.  She agreed to go with him.

That was the first date, it ought have been the last, but he was fascinated by her.


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Written by jaylar

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