Many Churches Destroyed Around Easter 2019

Sunday, April 21, 2019, 

Easter Sunday…how convenient of them…destroy a major cathedral and churches to mass murder people going to religious service for their blood sacrifices. 

This video lists all the church disasters for the New World Order anti-christ satanic zionist agenda. There was also a recently church disaster on April 21st, in Sri Lanka. Over 200 people had died in the church as well as hotel bombings.It was actually 3 churches and hotels. But who knows there might be even more…

The Simpsons predictive programming episodes continue…who is still watching these cartoons? I don’t even know which channel they come on or even if they are still on regular television. The Simpsons cartoon even a predicts a similar incident at the Notre Dame Cathedral, which has to do with protestors, kind of like the Yellow Vests in Paris. Although I was more into Family Guy cartoons, I eventually stopped watching these cartoons. 

This particular episode also mentions meteors destroying the earth. I remember a video about meteor promotion on Earth Day, which is Earth Day is actually tomorrow, April 22nd.  April 22nd is also Easter Monday in Canada.

Moreover, on April 19th, a South African church had collapsed or was destroyed. I note from this video that “13” people were killed, which occurred during a religious service before Easter Sunday. The so-called “Magic” and “Masonic” number strikes again at these false flags or intentional destruction. Don’t forget that the April 19th was on a Friday, which is Good Friday, and the number symbolism for this day is 4.19.19, which has the masonic sequential numbers. 

There are also more churches burned down, all over America, such as a black church in Louisiana. 

12 statues were removed from the Notre Dame cathedral. Chimeras sound like beastiality statues. 

It all leads to the Illuminati-funded disasters for the NWO…


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