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Manipulation of History – 5

Before the Internet existed, when information was difficult to ascertain, the ability of governments to ‘rewrite’ or ‘revise’  history was unfettered.  

Few persons had access to facts, and in most cases, even in the most liberal democracies, the spin  was usually accepted without more.  

Overtime, facts would rise to the surface, and opinions change.  

For example, if one looks at the ratings of various leaders overtime, one will see the movements up or down based on historical facts which were ignored at the time.

Why they were ignored can be attributed to the political/social environment which existed..

When one becomes aware of the ‘tampering’  the facts should be revealed.  If these results in statues being toppled, place names changed, images removed, so be it.

History needs to be constantly examined; it is not ‘the past’ when it is untrue.

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