Making Lemonade – 9

It isn’t a finger snap to go from centre stage to the wings.   From being the first called to the forgotten.

Brenda, who  strove to keep to her six hour and thirty minute working day, learned to avoid being near the front desk as much as she could.  

Sure, her name would be called, but with other doctors in eye range, they’d be selected.   After all, this was an emergency room, there were a number of Residents and Interns.  If anyone said, “Where were you?” Brenda could say,” I was with a patient,” which she was.

Brenda always had at least  two easy case files,  and spend endless time with each.  Only going back to the desk when she there were no real emergencies.

Her notes and patient histories were the best on the floor.   Complete, full of details.  She never had to ‘catch up’ because she didn’t leave a patient until she had made all entries in the file.  Sure, it took a lot of time, but for Brenda it was worth it.

She was sitting comfortably, having a conversation with a patient, while the other doctors were running from one trauma room to another.


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