Making Lemonade – 7

As Brenda was not the attending, meaning she was just a Resident, that meant she worked eight hours a day.  Having come in at 7 a.m. she should be off by 3 p.m..   

Taking her time, she walked to the desk, signed out at 3:15  p.m. and was gone before anyone knew she had.  To insure her ‘freedom’  Brenda shut off her pager, her cell phone, and went home.   Her early arrival shocked her husand, Tim.

“What happened?”  he exclaimed.

“I didn’t get the post,” she said with a smile as she went to their baby..

Tim was confused, he didn’t know if he was to console her or boost her ego, but she seemed, well, happy.  Brenda, who had worked so hard did not get the promotion and seemed, well..completely okay about it.

He approached her cautiously.  

“From now on, I go in on time, and I leave on time.   I only go beyond my hours if there is a major emergency.”

Tim felt a little strange about it.  For this kind of disconnect was not like Brenda.  Yet, she seemed happy.  He didn’t know if this was a ‘coping’ mechanism, or if she meant what she said.    Tim hoped for the latter.


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