Making Lemonade – 5

Way back; Brenda was a medical student, moving from one section of the hospital to another.  Students would spend two weeks here, two there, exposing them to various branches of medicine.

She was not sure exactly when or where, nor of all the words, but recalled a cheerful doctor in conversation with another.  The other was encouraging him to apply for the Senior Post, listing his years and achievements.

Brenda had listened, because the list was impressive.  Why didn’t this eminent doctor apply for the Senior post?

“I don’t want more responsibility,  I’m happy coming in at 9 or so and leaving at 5 or so, and having a life beyond the hospital. “


She understood now.  Understood why and what and how.  And her  tears dried.  Brenda stepped from the booth to the sink, washed her hands and went back to where she had been sitting.

She ordered coffee and a piece of cake.

And enjoyed every bite.


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Written by jaylar

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