Making Lemonade – 2

.When Brenda and Tim married, they both worked and bent their hours around the other as best they could.

When Brenda became pregnant she lessened her load, then took her maternity leave.

After a short time the facts emerged; Tim loved being a ‘house husband’ .  Brenda wanted to get back to work. As Brenda made more than Tim did, they decided he’d stay home, she’d go to work.

They were happy with the arrangement.

Things proceeded, Brenda spending so much time at the hospital, then this sudden elevation;  more responsibility, more duties, more hours, but… more money.

They spoke about getting a house, about saving, although until Brenda was made permanent, the real money wouldn’t flow.

Brenda was determined to prove she deserved the position.

She tried to be early, to be everywhere at once, to only leave when she was sure everything was under control.


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Written by jaylar

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