Making Lemonade – 14 – End

Eric Bevin had enough.   The job was more than full time.  The job was a cancer which had permeated every aspect of his life.  Bevin had wanted to the ‘Chief’.   Getting that elevation was his dream.  

And that dream cost him his marriage and everything he had ever enjoyed.

Eric Bevin had no life and decided to leave the hospital and go into a private firm.  

He informed Doctor Miller.  

The same Doctor Miller who had not the decency to alert Brenda that she would not be getting post last year was the same Doctor Miller to summon Brenda to her office to give her the post.

“Oh, no, Doctor Miller,”  Brenda smiled warmly,  “You were right.  I can’t manage that post.   Give it to someone who can…”

And while Miller tried to find words to convince, Brenda smiled and  interrupting the diatribe said, “I have a patient to look about.  You give the position to someone who deserves it…”  

And she walked out, and didn’t laugh until in the elevator.

Sometimes there is more ‘winning’  in ‘losing’.


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Written by jaylar

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    • Exactly. They don’t realise the sacrifice for certain posts. I know a woman who had been offered the CEO position at a Gov. agency and turned it down time and again. She was married, had kids and they came first.


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