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Making Lemonade – 11

Brenda became extra nice to Eric Bevin, making it clear he had done her a favour.  As the bags grew under his eyes, her’s disappeared.   As he was haggard and stretched, she was relaxed and happy.

She spent a lot of time with her family, knowing that little Cindy would not grow up without a hands on mother.

She recalled a patient once, a girl about fourteen, shouting at her mother for ‘never being there’, for ‘never caring about her’, and the mother trying to explain why she had to work so hard.

She would be home  every afternoon, evening and night;  emergencies should be rare, for why call her when there were others?

Whomever covered for her yesterday or this morning would be considered; ‘reliable’.  As they were reliable and she was not, they ought be utilised again, and again.  While she tumbled down into obscurity.


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