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Macro Monday – Deer Fly On Mint Flowers

For Macro Monday I have what I believe is a young deer fly on some mint flowers. It is the size of a large house fly but it looks like the markings of a deer fly developing. It was hanging around these mint flowers and kept returning so I went and got a chair. The best macros I get seem to be in full sun. I probably need that fast exposure because I never use my tripod and bugs move a lot. This image has been cropped and that’s all I did after camera. And yes, it is part of that ‘Art On The Fly’ thing I’m doing.

It’s hard to say many nice things about deer flies or horse flies …. I hope you enjoyed having a peek though. Happy Macro Monday – I hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. A number of diseases and parasites can be transmitted by the various species of deer fly. These include anthrax, tularemia, equine infectious anemia, anaplasmosis, hog cholera, filiariasis (including the Loa Loa worm), and Lyme disease.

  2. In proportion to the fly the flowers must also be miniature. I have not seen mint flowers.

    I wonder if zooming an image could be considered as macro as I am not sure if my camera has this feature

    • I wasn’t going to expound on this too much but I really don’t like them. No one does I think. As a kid fishing in streams those horse flies were my enemy. I hated them so much.
      Thanks so much – it was interesting to see what it looked like up close.


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