Looking for Lost Keys

Monday, 7.13.20

This morning, I wanted to go to the post office to mail something. I changed my clothes after breakfast. Then, I couldn’t find my housekeys. I frantically looked everywhere, tables, cushions, inside my car, my bedroom, and even the fridge because I had once accidentally placed an item in the fridge. But it has magically disappeared with the Queen of England. Then, I opened my front door to check outside, and I noticed the keys still hanging off the keyhole from the front side of the door. Luckily, I also have a metal screen door to shield my front door because the keys were hanging there all night. I can be absentminded sometimes.

Where was the weirdest place you found an item you thought you had lost?


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  1. Sounds about right leaving keys dangling from the door. Back in Latvia, we were lucky to have a lock on our garden gate because one day after a late-night we had left the keys in the door. No one could get inside the gate but we could not understand why a neighbor kept ringing the bell at the gate. We were pretending not to be home and of course, he could see the keys dangling in the door.

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