Living With a Brat

Things were so smooth.

I no longer ‘mother henned’  Gabi. She could wear her hair in any stupid style, slap make up on her face, dress ridiculously and  I said nothing.

I said nothing because I had reached that level for two reasons.  

Firstly, I knew any advice I offered, she would do the opposite.  Gabi  wasn’t just the ‘rebellious’ teenager, she was the spoiled brat who would never grow up and always wanted her own way.

Secondly, I had Brad and was more interested in his opinions, desires, plans than I was in her’s.

I had seen too many women become old before their time, sacrificing ever atom of happiness to please a child who could never be pleased.

I was not about to  join them.In a strange way, I felt sorry for Daniel, Gabi’s father, because from what I understand, there was nothing in his life but work and Gabi.


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Written by jaylar

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