Living With a Brat – 9

I  met Brad at work and he was everything I had ever wanted.  

We got along fabulously.  I saw him on the weekends when Gabi wasn’t there,  and we connected during holidays.

During the week I never mentioned him or anyone to Gabi.  Not that there was a chance of me doing the talking.

She would complain about whatever was for dinner, about not being allowed to dye her hair or stay out after nine; things I’m sure she knew would not get a yes.

I had Brad listed on my phone as “Bib”  so that even when, (as I am sure she did) she searched my phone, there was no image.

I kept my phone in my pocket on vibrate so that Gabi wouldn’t hear it ring.

If he called, I would go to the bathroom or another room when Gabi were present.   As many times she was in her room, on her own phone, my evacutations were rare.


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Written by jaylar

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