Living With a Brat – 5

I continued my sulky performance as Gabi packed.  I pretended I didn’t want her to go to her father.    When Daniel arrived I listened to his verbiage then agreed he could kept her until the last day of August, as if reluctant.

As soon as they left, I celebrated, then grabbed my already packed bags and raced to the airport to catch my pre-booked flight.

I knew Gabi would demand to be with her father, she always did.  But this time, I had prepared.  I had booked my flight, my hotel, packed my bag, and knew the exact words to say which would get her diatribe.

I texted Daniel on the way to the airport to tell him I was going out of town and not to worry.   This would make him feel, make Gabi feel, I didn’t want her to leave me.

As I waited at the airport for my flight, I felt alive for the first time since the birth of Gabi.  As I boarded the plane I felt giddy with joy.  Stress dropped from me as dandruff.

When the plane landed and I went to the all inclusive I had never been happier in my life.

After a few days I  realised summer wasn’t the only school break.   I planned how to get Gabi to ‘demand’ to be with her father during Christmas and Easter.


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Written by jaylar

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