Living With a Brat – 30

When I was in High School there was a girl named Edith who played Daddy against Mommy.   She bragged about it. I recall her telling us;  

“So, Dad was going away with his girlfriend and I threw this Oscar winning performance of how I would die without him, and so he didn’t go.”

I can hear the sound of Edith’s laugh when she said, “So his girlfriend went off with another guy!”

Another time Edith said;  

“My mother was seeing this guy who wanted to marry her, and so I told her that he interfered with me!  She broke up with him, wanted to call the police!  Oh it was so funny!!”

After Edith’s performance my friends and I were creeped out.

When Daniel and I divorced I was more than alert to the Edith Style.  Gabi’s first ‘performances’  were amateur enough to alert me.

When I married Brad, Gabi knew that I would put him first.  I didn’t have to announce it.  

She also knew Daniel would put her first.  Which is why she wanted to live with him.


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