Living With a Brat – 3

Gabi was one of those children who demanded attention unless you were giving her attention.

 If I was focusing on her she would demand to be left alone.

As any parent, one is concerned about the diet, the activities, the presentation, and all my attempts to give advice, monitor, correct would receive an emotional response that I was smothering her.

If I didn’t pay her attention, but sat in my room she would say I was ignoring her.

Fortunately, the Nanny did pretty well and Gabi liked her, so that was one problem I didn’t have.

Eventually,  I could ring the Nanny from the office to have her tell Gabi I was working late and wouldn’t be home until ten.

This allowed me a few dinner dates.

It had taken over a year for me to be able to have a bit of life.

I began dating a very nice man named Arnold.   Thinking normal was possible, I had him stop by the house one evening.

Gabi had a presentation worthy of an Oscar.

That was the last time I saw Arnold.

If I thought it was Arnold who upset Gabi, I would be stupider than I looked.  

Any person who came to the house, man, woman, friends or coworkers, there for business or pleasure, got Gabi’s worst behaviour.


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