Living With a Brat – 26

Not surprisingly, after the week, Gabi decided to stay with her father.   She told me he was alone.

She told me, with a crow in her voice, that Sherry, (the wife) had arrived at Daniel’s flat that Friday, a few hours before we had.

“I didn’t see any reason to be nice to her, so wasn’t,”  Gabi announced with almost pride.

Then, she  had stalked off  to her room.  When she emerged, Sherry was gone, and never returned.

Although I had predicted it, I was still a tad surprised.  I felt so sorry for Daniel.  Putting Gabi first had put him last. And no wife, especially a new one, is going to accept being second best to a spouse’s child, especially one like Gabi.

As Gabi had been so effective in destroying her father’s life so that she was the only person in it, I was not surprised when she demanded to move in with him.

Not surprised and quite happy.


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