Living With a Brat – 23

I had stopped working in my ninth month, and home alone, I went into labour.  I called Brad and got myself to the hospital.   I texted Gabi assuming she would ignore it for at least a few hours.

It was a few hours later I delivered a perfect little boy.   Brad was ecstatic.  At some point, Gabi texted saying “Okay.”

Brand and I and baby Henry spent a night in the hospital and then we came home.  When we entered  Gabi was so angry about having to make her own dinner and breakfast, and passing remarks about Henry that we knew she could not be left alone with him.

I thought of sending her permanently to her father when Daniel texted.  

He had married!

Oh no!

All sorts of events bounced through my mind; from Daniel’s new wife refusing to let Gabi spend the summer to even taking her for weekends!

I was a complete mess.

I went to tell Gabi but she had also gotten Daniel’s text, and was very upset about it. I didn’t know what to say and backed out.  I went to the nursery and realised the baby would have to sleep in our room when Gabi was there.  

As a side thought I assumed if Daniel’s wife had the brains of a snail she would make sure Gabi stayed here.   Permanently. 


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