Living With a Brat – 21

Gabi’s relationship with Brad was distant.   In the morning, by the time she was ready for breakfast, Brad had already gone to work.

I dropped her sometimes, other times she wanted to go with friends.

In the evenings, when Brad was home and we were sitting down to dinner, often Gabi said she had already eaten, so ‘family’ time was rare.

On weekends and holidays she was with her father, so there was little interaction between us.

In fact, she didn’t know I was pregnant until nearly my sixth month when she looked at me and sneered:

“You’re getting a pot belly..”

I looked at her, and before I could speak she said;  “You’re Pregnant!”  as if she was the mother and I was the teen aged daughter.

Then she asked;  “Does Brad know?”

I nodded.  

She made a disdainful hum and went on her way.


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Written by jaylar

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