Living With a Brat – 19

Although it seemed I was hands off, oblivious and complacent, I was more than a bit careful.

I put security features on my credit card so that if Gabi took it, she couldn’t use it.

I searched her room when she wasn’t there, looking for everything from drugs to birth control pills to stolen objects.

The most I found was her diary, well hidden, in which she wrote horrible bits about me, about other kids at school, named Brad an Android, and random things of minor nature.   It wasn’t all that upsetting.  My concern was that she wasn’t doing drugs, stealing, smuggling boys into her bed.

As nothing like that was mentioned in her diary I felt easier.

Reading her diary, however, gave me an insight into exactly how spoiled and self centred she was.  How she virtually saw life as if she were the centre of the world.


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Written by jaylar

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