Living With A Brat – 18

As a mother who knew her child, I was more than competent to get her to do what I wanted.

At Thanksgiving, Brad wanted to spend it with his family.  I told Gabi;   “Let’s spend Thanksgiving together.”

She responded;  “No!  I want to be with Daddy!”

I made a sad huff, and nodded, and Gabi spent Thanksgiving with her father; leaving Wednesday evening, returning Sunday evening.

As Christmas approached, Brad wanted he and I to spend it together in some tropical paradise. I told him; 

 “I’ll deal with it.”

I said to  Gabi;  

“Let’s spend Christmas together as a famly..” with this big smile on my face.

Gabi shrieked;  “I want to be with my father!  I want to spend Christmas with my real Father!”

Looking sad, I said;  “You don’t have to shout.  I understand,” and slowly walked away.

I told Brad;  “Settled.  We leave on December 15th and return on the 2nd of January.”

When Easter approached I reran my Christmas act and of course, she went to her father and we went on our own excursion.

This is how one deals with a Brat, let her get her ‘own way.’


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