Living With a Brat – 15

Brad realised I loved him and that nothing and no one was going to come between us.  During Easter Break when Gabi was with her father,  he asked me to marry him.  I didn’t hesitate a microsecond.

I did not tell Gabi when she returned home.  She had no idea I planned to marry end of June.  The date was chosen because Daniel took Gabi from the last day of June to the last of August.

Daniel called on the 15th of June.  Due to extreme work pressure he could not take Gabi that summer.  

Before I began to scream  I concocted a plot to have her demand to attend summer camp.

Choosing the right moment, (interrupting her on a call) I told her she’d have to stay with me over the summer because her Daddy couldn’t take her.

Two of her friends had been gushing about a camp they attended, and Gabi had never been to camp, so when she  became loud and almost hysterical it was then, sotto voce I mentioned summer camp.

As I know her, as she thought I wanted her to stay with me it  was easy  to have her ‘convince’ me going to camp would be a great thing. 

Once I got that sorted,  and bought her many things for her excursion, I waited until two days before the wedding to tell her.  I behaved  like a giddy teenager, giggling, showing the ring so she would think it had just happened, instead of being planned since Easter.

Gabi  wasn’t  impressed which was what I wanted.  Getting a ‘whatever’ from Gabi was the proof she would not obscure Brad.  

As I said, I was not one of those stupid women who loses the love of her life for a child who must grow up and live her own life.


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