Living With a Brat – 1

(This is the Fourth Side of the Story called Three Sides)

Gabrella, Gabi, was our only child.  Her father, Daniel, was a big teddy bear of a man  I blame for spoiling her.

I admit  I played my part in cooing and fussing when she was a toddler, but it was Daniel who made her believe she was the centre of the universe.

Daniel and I had high pressure jobs, so my Aunt came as a caregiver so we could get back to work.  After eight years of marriage  I really couldn’t take Daniel any more so went for a divorce.

I tried to make it seem he was neglectful, always coming home late, distracted,   to give me an excuse.  The truth was I didn’t love Daniel, I found him pathetic.

Daniel was the kind of person you have to go out of your way Not to take advantage of.

I divorced Daniel, got the house. Everything would have been perfect, but there was Gabi.   Spoiled, self centred sour Gabi.

We agreed to joint custody, I hoping to put most of the burden on Daniel, but at the time of the divorce he was extremely pressured.  Negotiations ended with me becoming the main parent  and he getting her every other weekend.


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