Live On – 13

From the age of six until fourteen, Tom and Maya were best friends.

They would stuff other people in their ‘circle’ so their parents would not know of their relationship.  For even as little children they could feel the animosity.

When they were older they would walk to Big Rock and talk and fish, and be together.  They would get married and build a house not far from Big Rock.

At the age of twelve  girls went to one section of the school,  boys to the other.  The sections had different entrances so it would seem to their parents that Maya and Tom were separated.  This was an illusion.  They was no problem for them to meet and spend time together. 

As they knew their parents ‘spied’ on them, Maya would walk home with a few girl friends.   Tom would be twenty steps behind with his mates.


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Written by jaylar

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