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friday, august 30, 2019

TeleSur reports on world news. In Brazil, fires continue, and in some areas, it is out of control. Someone was paid $30 to start these fires.

Bolivia continues to help Brazil with a recovery plan. Japan wants to help Brazil’s Amazon.

Venezuela’s Maduro works with Norway for discussion.

Colombia wants peace, and no more war.

Discussions in Haiti about controlling US interventions.

Hurricane in the Puerto Rico area, mostly San Juan.

Looters in South Africa, creating chaos with police.

Zimbabwe, African: corruption and sanctions go together. Sanctions creates shortages, which leads corruptions. Zimbabwe want to end corruption, sanctions, and blockade.

African leaders attend forum in Tokyo, Japan. They consider business with Japan.

Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas meets Merkel in Germany to discuss peace. They consider a two-state agreement. Current USA Zionist Administration is preventing peace in the Middle East for their Zionist Agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn discusses North Ireland and Republic of Ireland. There is a protest in UK to change the government and improve British democracy. Prime Minister wants to suspend parliament. 

Iran negotiates with USA, telling to stop harassing other countries to prevent them from working with Iran.


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