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Late Crazy Alphabet Challenge: the letter D: "Daim"

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The “Daim” is a Fallow deer in English. It is native from Europe but has been introduced troughout the world including North America. The “daim” is part of the deer family belonging to the Cervidae family and is included in the Cervinae family that includes the elk, the chital and the muntjac.

The “daim” is a mid-sized animal. The male (buck in english), who is the only one with the antlers, measures anywhere between 135-165 cm (55-63 in) in lenght and weighs anywhere between 45 to 90 kg (130-220 lb). The female, named “daine” are smaller and lighter in height and weight.

The most common color of the coat of the “daim” is usually chestnut with mottles of white color. The male “daim” or buck has antlers which are rather broad and almost shovel-shaped.

The Fallow deer is also a grazing animals just like most deers. As such they are herbivores eating leaves, shrubs and grass, flowering plants, buds and herbs. So they are not too picky on their food.

They are also very agile and nimble and can run at a speed of 48 km (30 mph) per hour over short distances only. The “daim” is also less muscular than other cervinae and roe deer and as such not quite as fast as their counterparts.

Nonetheless, the “daim”, in my point of view is a gorgeous animal deserving of our respect…

The pronunciation of the word “daim” is OK with me as I have no problem saying it but I cannot seem to relate it to any English counterpart. One of the thing I can tell you is that the letter “m” at the end of the word is not pronounced.

So again, I hope you enjoyed your French lesson although I could not explain to you English-speaking Virylians how to pronounce the word “daim”. See you eventually for the letter F as I have already done the letter E.

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      • Hey dawn, just looked up chitals. Yes I agree they are very similar deers to the daim. But the chitals is somewhat smaller in stature and weight as they apparently weigh 35 to 39 kg compared to the daim who weighs 45 to 90 kg. But your chitals also have the white markings and antlers. So we have something in common despite being on different continent. Wow! ….

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