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I thought I would switch it up a bit. 

This is a find the difference game. 

The first photo I took is the original of a painting on a liquor store shop in my hometown, the second my edited version. In the second one you’ll find 9 objects I have taken out of the picture, I have added three things, and have changed three things. A total of 15 differences. How many can you name? Post your answers in the comment section below, but remember not to look at the answers others have given until you find yours.  Have fun. I will post the answers in a few days. 

The original.

My edit:


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. 1. Pink to red dots
    2. Tiger tail cut (and you still say you’re not violent?)
    3. Red ball with “CC” removed
    4. Is that a dog in the middle of the bottle to replace the original logo?
    5. The number of lines beside the red ball with “CC”
    6. The melting wax that flows from the skeleton hand (two to one)
    7. The thigh bone of the skeleton
    8. Leaves at the top left of the picture
    9. The wooden “frame” in the glass window beside the painting
    10. Light reflection in the glass window beside the painting
    11. The rack at the most left side of the picture
    12. reflection in the window of the secncery

    That’s all I can find…

  2. red dots are magenta
    purple lipstick
    green tuft on tiger
    trees in reflection altered

    cc removed
    two s lines removed
    small drip into head cup removed
    two blue leaves removed
    tiger’s tail bobbed
    hotspot removed from window

    additional eye added
    aztec head replaced by dog

  3. You said there were 9 removals but I counted 10 😮 Go figure!!

    REMOVED stools on bottom left
    REMOVED one of the two flows of gloop falling into the open head
    REMOVED part of thigh bone on skeleton on tiger’s back
    REMOVED tip of tiger’s tail
    REMOVED 2 curvy white things beside the CC circle
    REMOVED reflection of sun in window on right
    REMOVED reflection of car in window on right
    REMOVED vertical bar from door on right
    REMOVED red circle with “CC” from bottom of window
    REMOVED 2 leaves at top left

    CHANGED 2 red circles to mauve in window
    CHANGED lip colour on middle mouth of weird head from red to pruple
    CHANGED head on bottle lable to doggy’s head 🙂

    ADDED a fifth eye to that weird composite head on the right
    ADDED teal to several places on tiger
    ADDED extra vertical door-frame in reflection on right

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